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Puzzle Game, PC, 2022


This is a light narrative puzzle game developed for GGJ 2022, with a romantic story depicting the love story of a couple. The rainbow world is the boy's perspective of how he remembered his affectionate journey with the girl and the tragic ending of their tale. However, the black and white world represents the girl's spiritual journey in reaching back to the real world and reuniting with her boyfriend. The game itself is split into two maps with each character situated in their respective worlds. The players themselves can freely swap the tiles in each map to create different paths for each character to reach their destination. But remember, a path that can be traveled by one, might symbolize an obstacle for the other. We wanted our game to represent the duality of the materialistic world versus the spiritual world while emphasizing the contrast of memories versus reality.


Best Overall - 2022 Global Game Jam, NYU Game Center

Best Visual - 2022 Global Game Jam, NYU Game Center

My Role

Lead Programmer, Designer

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