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These are interactive experiments to play with. Have fun!


SELENE: Music Track Editor

A music track editing software for rhythm games.

It contains a fully functional file system, a visual editor interface, an integration of MIDI audio, and a game engine import/export system.

SK Sprite Editor

An image processing tool embedded in the Unity Editor that allows us to draw, erase, create, and adjust images (just like Photoshop!) without having to use other software. 

Procedural Growth

An algorithm to generate natural growth of tree branches. 

It has procedural collision, adaptive rendering, and controllable parameters (direction, density, curvature, etc.).

Dual Grid System

A dynamic drag-and-drop dual grid system with opposite colliders and colors on the two sides.

A* pathfinding is also included.

AI-Powered Characters

AI-driven players in a sports setting implemented using behaviour trees built with FSMs.

They can learn from past games and adjust their behaviours with a lightweight ML-inspired algorithm.

Ray Tracer

A real-time ray tracer with TAA and octree BVH.

It supports rendering for opaque, transparent, emissive, reflective, and refractive materials on .obj, .fbx, and .gltf models.


Cloth Simulation

A mass-spring system with gravity and collision. It uses compute shaders to speed up the computation.

This system is also applicable for string simulation.

In-Game Console

An extendable in-game console system with command tips.


*Currently deployed in most Silverjay Studio projects. 

Dialogue System & Node Editor

A powerful dialogue system with visual node editing.

​It supports options, branching, custom events, randomization, localization, and built-in variables.

We can use it to make dialogues ready for production.

Text Animator

A powerful inline text animator system. It has 10+ text effects and 5+ typewriter effects.

Deployed in almost all of my game projects.

Pathfinding Applet

An applet demonstrating various pathfinding algorithms (A*, B*, BFS, DFS, etc.).

The user can run any of the algorithms from any point on the randomly generated maps.

Real-time Combat System

A combat system that supports behaviour tree-based enemy AI, multiple weapons, combos, visual effects, buffs, and more.

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